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    6 Tips for Launching a Successful Facebook PPC Campaign

    When it comes to Facebook PPC, there is a ton of misinformation out there that is going to keep you stuck producing poor results.

    What is the best campaign objective? What funnel should you use? Should you be building a branded campaign?

    Luckily, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn the 6 critical PPC tips for creating a winning Facebook PPC campaign.

    1. Choosing the Right Campaign Objective

    The first step to creating a winning Facebook PPC campaign is selecting the right campaign objective. What are you looking to achieve with your ads?

    Facebook advertising offers three objectives to choose from:

    1. Awareness – Perfect for reach and brand awareness
    2. Consideration – Aimed at increasing traffic, engagement, and leads
    3. Conversion – Designed to produce leads and sales

    These three objectives cover the three stages of the potential buyer’s journey.

    If you are looking to sell a product or promote a lead magnet, the conversion objective is the one to choose.

    If you want to promote your free content or engage with your audience, then you’ll want to use the traffic or engagement objective.

    2. Use Automatic Placements

    People get too caught up when thinking about their Facebook ad placements. Facebook’s AI has become so powerful that it’s now sometimes it’s smarter to let them figure out where to show you ads for maximum results.

    By eliminating options at the start of your ad, you are stopping Facebook from working to its full potential. Let them test which ad placements will get you the best results by choosing ‘automatic placements’.

    3. Choosing the Optimal Funnel

    Facebook is different from other advertising platforms like Google ads. On Facebook, people need further education before they make a buying decision.

    That’s why creating a sales funnel and having a beautiful custom website can help you close sales.

    If you are running a high-ticket offer, you’ll produce better results with a webinar or VSL (video sales letter) funnel that guides people through to a sales call.

    If you are trying to sell low-ticket items, you can use a book sales funnel with upsells, VSL funnels, free lead magnet funnels, and more.

    4. Use Custom Audiences to Create Hyper-Targeted Audiences

    If you already have a customer list or database of leads, you can get great results from uploading your customer list to Facebook. Then you can use this data to create a custom audience that you run targeted ads to.

    Advertising to people who already know, like, and trust you always delivers improved results than advertising to cold audiences who need more education on your business.

    5. Dedicate a percentage of Your Budget to Brand Building

    The main aim of PPC on Facebook is to generate leads and sales for your business. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be building your brand at the same time.

    Using Facebook advertising to build your brand awareness is going to help bring new people into your ecosphere and educate them on your business and your products. And in the long run, those new people will turn into customers.

    6. Use Facebook Lookalike Audience

    If you have custom audiences, Facebook can go out and create a list of people who are extremely similar to your target market. This allows you to advertise to people who are similar to your existing customers.

    Build Winning Facebook PPC Campaigns Today!

    Now that you’ve learned all about PPC on Facebook, it’s time to begin implementing these steps into your own Facebook PPC campaign. We understand how overwhelming PPC on social media can be, so we hope these PPC tips help!

    Want some professional help running FB ads? DG Studio can help! Contact today to get started.

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