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    6 Media Design Trends for a Modern Marketing Strategy in 2022

    Looking to get your brand ahead of the competition in 2022? Part of standing out from the crowd of businesses looking to reach customers is having a solid marketing strategy. But with so many images oversaturating the market, it can be difficult to put together something to catch the eye of potential customers.

    This is why observing the newest media design trends will allow you to get ahead of the curve and improve your brand identity. You want people to stop and stare at your billboards, instead of walking by them unnoticed.

    Ready to start getting the extra boost? Read on to learn about six media design trends that will work for any marketing strategy for 2022.

    1. Nostalgia Media Design

    What’s old can be new once again. People love reliving times that have long passed or reminiscing about their childhood. People who grew up in the 90s instantly connect with colors and images, which take them back to that place in 2022.

    People want to slow down and have fun as they live their adult lives. Images and lettering that have simple emojis, bright color blocks in graphic designs help with that.

    2. Motion for Branding

    With things like virtual reality and the internet becoming dominant, fresh ideas for how branding is displayed have arrived.

    Images that move or feature elements of animation have been able to stand out to more people in the digital age. A looping gif will get a lot more attention more often than a static image. 

    3. Collaboration with Others

    2022 is going to see more brands working together in unique ways. Collaboration with another entity can lead to finding an entirely new audience.

    Domestic brands find themselves working with international ones, with some very good results. This works to everyone’s benefit and can open up new and interesting opportunities for all involved.

    4. Including Diversity

    The past few years have sparked a lot of social and political discussion, which has influenced how people see brands as well. Inclusion and diversity among the types of people a brand will target is something that can stand out to those who really care about this.

    A good media design tip going into the new year is to include/highlight a variety of cultures relative to your brand. 

    5. Escaping from Reality

    After a long year stuck at home, people just want to get away. Having fantastical worlds or faraway places is a great graphic design choice because of this. The colors, weird characters, and intriguing objects can let viewers run wild with their imagination. 

    6. Simple Geometry

    What better media or graphic design tip can one receive than to keep things simple? And nothing is simpler than geometric shapes, which have become seen often lately.

    Simple shapes are used in a variety of ways. They can represent a brand, point out details, or provide very attractive effects. 

    Knowing more about the different media design trends will get your marketing strategy started on the right foot in 2022. Looking to grow your business further? Visit DG Studio to find the best branding and internet marketing services to transform your business digitally.

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