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    5 Website Design Ideas to Help You Stand Out From the Competition

    Is your website getting lost in a sea of competition? We want to help you take your website to the next level with these ideas!

    Your website is the first impression many people will have of your company. Let’s make sure they are getting the right impression with these top website design ideas.

    Read on to learn how to make a unique site that speaks to your audience while remaining true to your brand. If you are not sure what your brand style is yet, visit our branding page so we can help! 

    1. Unique Typography

    Whether you decide to use a reimaged retro front or an elegant serif, utilizing a font unique within your field can help you stand out. As screen resolution has become exponentially better in the last few years, the details of unique fonts now jump out at viewers.

    Unique effects or animations with your typography are another way to make text engaging for visitors. A great example of this is Lupii, which uses motion graphic text as a creative engagement tool. 

    2. Focus On CTAs

    Anything that doesn’t work towards the objective of your website is wasted space. Web design should focus on accomplishing your goal. Is that goal to cause a purchase, a subscription, teach the reader something or do you have a different mission?

    Once you know what each webpage is intended to accomplish, utilize power words to draw visitors towards it.

    3. Powerful Digital Content

    3D Animations are a growing website design trend. These can make the viewer feel like the page is coming alive and drawing them in. Yaya is an excellent example of 3D visuals being utilized correctly. Check out our homepage for another great example.

    Producing high-quality digital media can be a major challenge for businesses. Finding the right web design company will make the difference between powerful content and content that falls short.

    4. Focus On Mobile

    The majority of people prefer surfing the web on their phones. You should assume most visitors to your site will be viewing the mobile version. So it is best practice to prioritize the mobile version over everything else.

    Plus, Google has announced they are indexing mobile-first now. That means Google will be ranking websites based on their mobile versions first. So if you are concerned with search rankings, having a dialed-in mobile version is more important than ever.

    5. Test One-Page Website Design Ideas

    Crazy Egg decided to replace its sales pages with a single one-page design. Instead of having visitors click from page to page, they created a single ultra-long page.

    After simplifying the buyer’s journey in this way, their conversion rate went up 30%! Don’t make your visitors hunt for anything, make the process as simple as possible for them.

    Work Better Together

    These website design ideas will help you craft the best digital representation of your brand possible. But for the greatest effect, you should have a digital partner who specializes in website design.

    Visit our services page to see the many ways we can drive success for your business online.

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