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    5 Tips for Choosing a Winning Domain Name for Your Website

    So you have an idea for your business, but you haven’t launched your website yet. You might think that choosing a domain name will be an easy and straightforward process, but choosing the wrong name can have huge consequences. You don’t want your brand to suffer because you chose an unfortunate domain name.

    We’re here to help you avoid that mistake. We’ll teach you how to choose a domain name for your business that fits your brand.

    Here are five key tips you need to know before choosing your domain name.

    1. Choose .Com Domains

    When choosing a domain name, you have several options for top-level domains (TLDs). TLDs include .com, .org, .biz, .net, .edu and so on. Of course, .com domains continue to remain one of the most popular options.

    When you have the option, choose a .com TLD. However, if that domain isn’t available, it’s not the end of the world. You can get creative with your domain name, such as rearranging the words or choosing another relevant TLD such as .blog or .store instead.

    2. It Doesn’t Have to Match Your Business Name

    Your domain doesn’t have to be word-for-word the same as your business name. For example, if you have a longer business name, you might not want every word in your domain. Instead, you could consider shortening the domain to an acronym.

    In some instances, you may want to add location information. If you’re a local plumber in North Carolina and your target customers are local, you might want to add NC to the domain.

    3. Think About SEO

    SEO plays a huge part in targeting traffic and raising brand awareness. Many businesses will use keywords during a domain name registration. Keywords tell visitors what to expect from your business and also that you specialize in that area.

    If you’re unsure which keywords to target or whether it might make your domain too long, consult with a digital marketing agency that specializes in internet marketing and web development. That way, you can work together toward your goals and choose the right domain name for your business.

    4. Keep It Short

    Long, complicated domains won’t do your business any favors. Names that are tricky to remember aren’t going to stick in your customers’ minds.

    The ideal length for a website domain is somewhere between 6-14 characters. The shorter, the better in most cases. If it’s short, sweet, easy to remember, and reflects your brand, you’ve got a winner.

    5. It Reflects Your Brand

    Lastly, it’s important to remember that this domain will reflect your brand. Make sure the tone reflects your business. For example, it could be funny, clever, or professional sounding, but it should reflect the tone of your brand.

    Your domain is one of the first impressions people have of your business. How do you want them to perceive you? Keep this question in mind when going through your options.

    Need Help Choosing a Domain Name?

    As you can see, a lot of thought should go into your domain name. If you’re not sure where to start or if you need help choosing a domain name for your brand, we can help.

    Take a look at our services to get a better idea of how we can help you launch your business website, and then set up a consultation today!

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