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    5 Reasons Website Maintenance Is a Must

    Website maintenance is like a check-up, an oil change, or a teeth cleaning. If you aren’t doing it regularly, things can go downhill fast.

    You don’t design and develop a website and then you’re all done. You need to maintain your website if you want it to have any success. Failure to do so will cost you lower your conversion rate and cost you your visitors.

    You may be asking, “Why is website maintenance so important and how does one go about doing it?” Read on to learn five reasons why a website maintenance checklist is a must.

    1. Maintain Website Security

    Security software is a must for your site. However, some people install software and never think about it again. The unfortunate result is that 95% of websites are backed up by outdated security leaving them vulnerable to hackers and breaches.

    Not only is this bad news for you, but it’s also risky for your visitors, especially if they are entrusting you with private data. For this reason, you need to make sure that your software, plug-ins, and scripts are all up to date.

    2. Keep Your SEO Strong

    SEO is critical to your website’s success, and a big component of effective SEO is backlinks. However, your SEO and the public’s perception of your site are going to be harmed if those links are broken. Whether the website dies or changes domains, you will encounter broken links, and part of regular website maintenance is checking those links and fixing them.

    3. Keep Data Backed Up

    Your website will often be a means of gathering and storing data regarding your business or consumers. Ensuring data is properly stored and backed up regularly is a must.

    Proper data storage involves factors such as making sure contact forms are running properly and are compatible with your site. And regular backups are necessary to prepare for the possibilities of website development or website crashes. Data gets lost in these situations if it isn’t backed up, so you must stay on top of that.

    4. Maintain Website Speed

    When customers click a link to your site, they want it to load fast. Users will click away if they have to wait too long. You need to be checking your speed to make sure your site isn’t loading slowly.

    5. Maintain Your Brand’s Integrity

    This reason sums up the whole point of every other reason for regular website maintenance. Weak SEO, poor loading speed, security issues, and losing data makes your brand look messy and untrustworthy. Customers are turned away by unappealing sites, and if you cause them to have their data tampered with, you will never win their trust back.

    There are several more reasons that regular website maintenance is a must, but all of this should be enough to convince you that you need to be on top of this. However, this is a lot to manage and it may seem overwhelming. This is why you should hire a website maintenance team to perform this work for you.

    Get Website Maintenance Services From Us

    Now that you see how important website maintenance is, don’t wait any longer to make it a priority. Start taking care of this now and contact DG Studio.

    Our website maintenance packages cover all basic issues and more. We are committed to making sure we help protect your site and take the maintenance pressure off of you. If you have questions about our website maintenance costs and services, contact us today.

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