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    5 Approaches to Developing a Strong Brand Voice

    Do you know what your company’s brand voice is? What are the first few things that pop into people’s minds when they think of your company or your brand? 

    If you aren’t sure what your brand voice and tone is, then you need to start working on this asap. A powerful brand voice can be the distinguishing feature between you and your competitors and can boost your reputation among customers greatly.

    Let’s read on to see some approaches to developing a brand voice. 

    1. Tell a Story

    With or without your intervention, your company is telling a story. Is it a story that you wish to tell? Or was it a story that your customers inadvertently stumbled upon while researching your company?

    When you figure out what you want your brand to stand for, you will be able to craft a story behind it pretty easily.

    2. Stay Authentic

    Be truthful in your company statements and mission. If your company came from the boonies, then say so. If your CEO inherited wealth to start the company, say so.

    People can figure out inauthenticity and lies pretty quickly, so don’t try to put one over on them.

    3. Ask Your Customers

    Maybe your customers have created a brand voice for you, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Figure out what your customers think about your brand already and use that to enhance or reinforce your brand voice even further. 

    4. Don’t Change Your Brand Voice Often

    Consistency is the name of the game here. If you wish to build a brand voice that sticks in people’s minds for a long time to come, then you need to create something long-lasting. Don’t tamper with or fiddle around with your brand voice once it’s set up.

    You don’t want to have so many brand voice stories going around that people get confused about what your business is all about.

    5. Inform Your Employees and Build Your Culture

    Once you have a brand voice and tone in place, then you need to ensure that your employees become your brand ambassadors. Inform them of what your brand voice development was all about and then invite them to share this newly created brand voice with the world. 

    If your company culture and employees are in alignment with your brand voice, your customers will soon be savvy about it as well. It’s all interconnected here.

    Developing a Brand Voice Takes Time

    You are not going to build your brand voice in a day or two or even a month or two. It will take a concerted effort over time to build a brand voice that resonates with your business, your employees, and your customers. 

    Everyone needs to be on board to ensure the cohesiveness and integration of your brand voice and tone into your overall business vision. 

    If you are looking for some help with developing a brand voice, or with any other online marketing services, contact DG Studio today!

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