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    4 Important Components of an SEO Audit and Why You Need Them | Get a FREE SEO Audit Report Today

    If you’re not following SEO best practices on your website, then you’re missing a trick. SEO is a powerful marketing tool that can help to boost your brand, your customer base, and your revenue.

    If you’ve more or less ignored SEO up to this point, or haven’t been as on top of it as you may have liked, don’t worry. It’s still possible to optimize your website, improve your rankings, and get your site’s SEO where it needs to be.

    Your first step toward stellar SEO is to perform an SEO audit. If you think this sounds like a daunting task, in some ways you’d be right. A thorough and properly carried-out SEO audit is a lot of work. But it’s definitely worth it.

    Below we’ll cover just a few of the most important elements involved in a website SEO audit, and the reasons they’re so key.

    1. Website Crawl

    In order to identify where your site may be falling short on the SEO front, you can carry out something called a crawl on your site. You will find that almost every SEO audit tool will have some sort of provision for doing this.

    During the process, the tool will crawl through your website as a search engine would. Then the tool will identify places where your website might have weak SEO or specific pages or practices that are dragging down the overall SEO of your website.

    2. Content Review

    One way of ensuring good SEO is making sure all your website content is optimized and none of it is inadvertently negatively impacting your site’s ranking. Depending on how large your site is, and how much content you have on it, this could either be a relatively easy or somewhat lengthy task.

    Make sure there is no duplicate content on your site, as this is bad for SEO for a number of reasons. You should make sure the content you do have is correctly formatted with relevant keywords. If you find low-quality pages with little to no organic search traffic, research how you can improve the content on these pages and then relaunch them on your site.

    3. Optimizing Discoverability

    All of your hard work fixing and perfecting your website’s SEO will be for naught if your website is not discoverable by search engines. You might have thought that it was a foregone conclusion that your website was appearing on search engine results pages, but it’s possible it’s not.

    There could be a number of reasons your site might not be discoverable to search engines, so it’s always best to check. There are a number of ways you can do this. The easiest is probably using the Google Search Console. On a similar note, you should also ensure only one version of your site is browseable.

    4. Checking Meta Tags

    Meta tags are crucial in the world of SEO. These are short pieces of text contained in your website’s source code that describe the content on a given page. If you’re unsure of whether your site is implementing meta tags, right-click anywhere on a page of your site and select View Page Source. 

    If there are no meta tags, be sure to add them in. They should be short, informative, and most importantly, containing relevant keywords you want the page in question to rank for.

    Could Your Site Benefit From an SEO Audit?

    If this all sounds good, but a little overwhelming, don’t worry, we’re here to help. At DG Studio, we have the know-how, the resources, and the passion to perform an SEO audit that will transform your website and yield tangible results.

    Get a FREE SEO Report by visiting our DG Studio Website.

    If you have further questions, schedule a free consultation today. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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