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    3 Strategies For Successful Conversion Rate Optimization

    Did you know the average conversion rate online is only 2%, but that many retailers have managed to improve their number as high as 5-6%? What would your business look like if you could triple your sales this year?

    If conversion rate optimization has been at the bottom of your priority list for too long, then it’s time to move it up. You can’t afford to neglect your conversion rate any longer. Keep reading to learn our top three strategies for successful conversion rate optimization today. 

    1. Improve Conversion Rate Optimization With Lead Magnets

    Website traffic is great, but it doesn’t make you any money by itself. You need to convert your traffic into email subscribers where you’ll have better sales conversions. Your first focus when working on improving your CRO is to focus on optimizing your website against conversion actions.

    As you work to improve the conversion rate for your website, start first with the pages that will give you the highest ROI, such as your landing pages. Your conversion rates for your landing pages will be determined by whether or not they can meet the following:

    • Resonate with your audience
    • Appeal to emotion
    • Entice the reader to follow your CTA (call to action)

    To improve your CRO, you need to know where you currently stand. Look at your current conversions, and then start to make tweaks one at a time, and continue to watch your CRO. When you see your rates improve, do more of the same, and when you see them dip, make further changes. 

    2. Stay Social Off Your Website

    The key to a successful social media strategy is to know the desired actions you want your audience to take. Likes and follows won’t build your bottom line. Instead, know where you want to drive your followers towards and create copy that accomplishes those goals. 

    If you want to drive online sales on your website, then you need to first start with driving traffic. And many businesses turn to social media to drive traffic and interest to their brand and website. You should also monitor the conversion rate for how much of your traffic from social media lands on your website. 

    Track both your organic posts and your paid advertising. Analyze which copy and calls to action convert the best when it comes to driving traffic to your website. 

    3. Optimize Your Funnel With Email Marketing

    When it comes to your marketing budget, you won’t find a better strategy with better ROI than email marketing. Too many business owners fear that email marketing is dead, but the fact is that this is where your customers will finish their customer journey. 

    One vital tool to improving your conversion rates is to map out the customer journey for your audience. And as you map out the customer journey, you’ll likely see the importance of your email marketing strategy. Email marketing is the key to guiding casual visitors on your social media and website into loyal paying customers. 

    The beauty of email marketing is that you can personalize your messages. You can also create automated drip campaigns so that your warm audience never runs cold. Take the time to map out your customer journey for your target audience, and then create your email marketing strategy that will improve your conversions and increase your bottom line at scale.  

    Convert New Customers With These Strategies

    Your conversion rates are an objective number that you can track and improve over time. Follow these three strategies to improve your conversion rate optimization and grow your business. 

    As a busy business owner or marketing manager, it can be difficult to find the time to track your conversion rates. That’s why many choose to work with an expert to grow their brand and business online.

    DG Studio has experts who can help you with your Conversion Rate Optimization. Feel free to reach out today for a free consultation.

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