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    3 Competitor Analysis Tools You Need to Use

    Competitor analysis has long been at the forefront of marketing. But in the world of online business, that’s now taken on a whole new meaning. 

    Online competitor analysis is all about using advanced software and tools to proactively monitor your competitors and learn from them. 

    A good tool will help you spot early industry trends and guide you to where you need to be most visible online. 

    To help you get started, take a look at our recommendations for the top three competitor analysis tools on the market in 2021. 

    1) SEMRush

    When it comes to improving search engine rankings, there are plenty of free tools. But few come close to the suite of 40+ features offered by SEMRush

    Of course, such a tool doesn’t come cheap. Though they do offer a trial period so you can try it out before committing. What do you get for that money?

    You’ll get an inside look at what your competitors are doing. You can find out what keywords they rank for, what backlinks are helping improve those rankings, and the traffic quality to their website. 

    That’s a valuable insight if you have recently started with SEO. It’s also more efficient than painstakingly using trial and error to fine-tune your search rankings. 

    2) Buzzsumo

    You might feel a pang of envy when you spot a competitor getting hundreds of shares on a social media post. You might wonder how they did it and why you aren’t getting the same boost from your carefully-crafted content strategy. 

    That’s where Buzzsumo comes in. This tool gives you eyes on the viral content bringing in website traffic and customers for your business customers.

    The information you’ll glean from Buzzsumo will give you plenty to help you craft an effective content strategy.

    You’ll discover the types of headlines that work, what influencers share the content, and what platforms prove popular for your competitors.

    That information will give you a good amount of data intelligence with which to work.

    3) Similar Web

    Do you sometimes wish you could access your competitor’s Google analytics account for 5 minutes? If so, then Similar Web is probably a good competitor analysis tool for you to explore.

    The basic information provided by Similar Web is 100% free (you don’t even need to register).

    To use Similar Web, simply type in your competitor’s website address. You’ll get a breakdown of what traffic that business gets and from where that traffic comes.

    Sometimes the information can surprise you; you might find you need to pay attention to a traffic source that wasn’t previously on your radar. 

    Three Top Competitor Analysis Tools

    These competitor analysis tools are the perfect starting point for your marketing strategy. They’ll help guide your decisions on what traffic sources to focus on, what content to write, and what keywords to target.

    In short, the time and money spent on competitor analysis can help you leap ahead with your learning curve and your business growth.  

    If you need more traffic, get a free SEO report from us now so we can help your business get moving in the right direction. 

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