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How to Choose a Domain Name That’s SEO-Friendly

People understand that names have power. History tells us that whole branches of magic even circled around the notion of utilizing ‘true names’ to control people.  Poetry and verse have pondered the power of names, the scent of roses, and the correlation betwixt the two. This type of association is important to remember when learning […]

Digital Marketing vs. Content Marketing

There are all sorts of marketing techniques out there, in this article we are comparing digital marketing and content marketing. While each marketing area has similarities, there are several differences between the two that are important to know. Whether you’re looking to implement more digital marketing or content marketing in your current marketing strategy, you […]

What Is Brand Identity and Why Your Business Needs It?

People will make their first decision about your product within 7 seconds. Making a good first impression is incredibly important, but that impression also needs to be maintained. Your brand identity is what helps you show people what your brand is all about, and if it’s not up to par it could lead to the complete failure […]