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The Basics of Google Analytics You Need to Know

As marketers, we have always been pushed by a curiosity about how others are consuming our content. Google Analytics is one such tool to feed this curiosity.  As a service offered by Google, the tool tracks web traffic, giving marketers, business owners, and content creators a visual of how their web content is performing. Use […]

5 Reasons You Need Website Support Services, Especially After a Launch

Over 60% of small businesses have their own website, which makes sense because they are such an important business and marketing tool in today’s world. A website makes it easy for new and old customers to find your business and products, it’s impossible to reach as many people without one.  But running a website isn’t […]

6 Media Design Trends for a Modern Marketing Strategy in 2022

Looking to get your brand ahead of the competition in 2022? Part of standing out from the crowd of businesses looking to reach customers is having a solid marketing strategy. But with so many images oversaturating the market, it can be difficult to put together something to catch the eye of potential customers. This is […]