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    2021 Design Trends That Will Shape the Web

    Nearly 40% of users will leave a website if they find it unattractive. Although an aesthetically pleasing site is ideal, it’s not the only thing that matters. Web design trends aren’t just about looking good; they’re about functioning well, too.

    As more users browse the web each year, expectations change, and these expectations shape 2021 design trends. Learn what’s coming in the year ahead to elevate your website’s design.

    Animation Sensation

    As graphic design trends stretch the bounds of immersion online, web animation is changing. The parallax scroll animation has increased in popularity significantly. Ideally, these are used to bring static illustrations to life.

    Avoid using the parallax scroll for important tasks and information. Don’t overuse a good thing, no matter how cool it looks. Offer an option to elevate UI design with a choice for deactivating parallax effects.

    These considerations elevate your site’s design without going overboard. Ensure whatever parallax effects you use are minimized to targeted portions of a viewport.

    Easy On the Eyes

    With people spending more and more time online, web design trends change to match. Instead of bold, bright, flashy color palettes, comfortable colors increase in popularity. Wearing out site visitors’ eyes brought on the popularity of dark mode in 2020 to accommodate this fatigue.

    UI trends favor pastel tones and warmer shades. Pure black and white jars the eyes and makes it less accessible to various users. And accessibility is also an increasing trend online.

    UX Designs For a Cause

    2021 design trends don’t just favor comfort for eye fatigue. More and more, site visitors of varying abilities are online. As UX design changes to accommodate user needs, so does general expectation.

    Site visitors want web designs to include every type of user as accessibility standards increase worldwide, expectations for every kind of website change. Elevate every user’s experience ahead of time by breaking new ground.

    Implementing ahead of the curve web development communicates your company’s ethos. Accessibility isn’t a trend any more than caring is. Show your customers you care by taking measures to include everyone online.

    New Dimensions

    Web design trends are barrier-breaking and dimension-defying all over. As basic UI design accelerates across viewports and operation systems, design needs to accommodate this. That means breaking into the third dimension.

    Using new ways to demonstrate products, you can elevate the online shopping experience. Your site can creatively interpret physical media to bring literal depth to your design. Whether it’s dimensional color use or integrating a 3D tool, boost your UX design with this kind of development.

    Break New Ground and Prep for 2021 Design Trends

    With your knowledge of this year’s upcoming trends, you’re ready to improve your website. 

    2021 design trends mean breaking new ground on the bones of your old site. Developing new design features requires a skilled hand.

    With DG Studio, you get the experience you deserve. Our holistic approach to web dev, UX/UI design and marketing ensures an optimal website. Contact us today for a strategy session or free consultation.

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