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Why you should use keyword insertion in your ad copy

There are many different ways to create conversions and clicks from your paid search ads. However, it would be best if you strived to make your advertisements as relevant as possible to your consumers. Having well-written copy and great discounts matter, but they are only useful when your ads are relevant to what your target […]

What is an SSL certificate, and why do you need one?

When browsing the web, you’ve probably noticed a small lock indication in the URL navigation bar of your browser. This indicates that a website has an SSL certificate.  When your business builds a website, it is very important that you have an SSL certificate.  Here’s how SSL certification works and why it’s so important: What […]

Website characteristics that could lead your business to success

Websites today fulfill many more functions than they did when websites first started being used for content marketing. It’s no longer enough to just dump content on your website.  To be helpful, you must create presentations that your clients can trust. Include your contact information and clear CTAs (calls to action), as well as consumer […]